21.–23. 05. | GRECO Consortium Meeting
21. May 2019
22.–23. 05. | Annual Meeting of the Research Network Energy System Analysis
23. May 2019

22.–24.05. | Open Energy Modelling Workshop

May 22th-24th 2019 | Aarhus

Sarah Berendes, Birgit Schachler and Jann Launer, all working in the RLI Research Unit Transformation of Energy Systems, will represent the institute at the Open Energy Modelling Workshop (openmod) in Aarhus, Denmark.

The meeting, which brings together energy system modelers, takes place every six months. It is a forum for the openmod community to discuss how the use of open-data and open-software tools can be further promoted.

Sarah, Birgit, and Jann will contribute to the meeting with three workshops: Sarah will host the workshop “Moving Beyond Factsheets: Framework Comparison/Synergies/Consolidation” in which she will present the RLI project Open_MODEX and work with the participants on a concept for comparing open-source frameworks.

In the workshop “Thermal demand data and models”, Jann will introduce the project oemof_heat and develop a wiki to bundle the capacities for the promotion of open data in the heat sector with the participants.

In the third workshop, which Birgit will host, the challenges that arise in the modeling of flexible energy systems will be discussed.

Further information on the workshops can be found here.

© Image: Villy Fink Isaksen, Aarhus Universitets hovedbygning set fra parken, cropped by RLI, CC BY-SA 4.0